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Summerville Farmers Market

When I was a kid, I loved eating the fresh fruits and vegetables from my grandfather's garden. This last Saturday, my wife Carolina and I got the chance to visit the Summerville Farmers Market. Many of the sights and smells took me back to that backyard garden I loved so much. Plus they have a variety of vendors, allowing you to get much more than just fresh veggies and fruit.

Our first stop was at Big Daddy's Pork Skins. The smell of that deep fried pork pulled me in, and once I had a couple free samples I was hooked. Next, we headed to Lowcountry Olive Oil, one of Carolina's favorite stands! We picked up a bottle of their Strawberry Champagne Oil. It is silky smooth and light, perfect for a summer salad.

A short walk from the olive oil stand was Rio Bertolini's Fresh Pasta. This was a happy moment for me. We purchased their pasta before at the Downtown Charleston Farmers Market, and I was hoping I would see their stand in Summerville. We picked up enough pasta to last a couple weeks, and for only six bucks! The quality of the pasta is amazing and for a price that will make you smile.

With a couple of odds and ends in hand we headed toward the produce stands, the star of any farmers market. These stands did not disappoint. The produce was fresh and arranged beautifully. We picked up mushrooms, peppers, blackberries, and a couple mangoes from Cypress Hill Farms.

With our fruits and vegetables secured we walked over to the vendors selling meat to get a little protein. Wishbone Heritage Farms had some great looking Chicken thighs for sale. So we picked up a package to pair with our pasta later in the week.

We rounded out our trip with some fresh eggs, farmers cheese, and some great spices. This trip to Summerville's Farmers Market helped to connect both Carolina and myself to childhood memories of fresh and traditional food. Memories that can be forgotten in this fast paced world. I may not be able to give my future children the memories of harvesting these foods from the family garden but I do hope to make visiting this charming farmers market a family tradition.

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