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5 Reasons to move to Summerville SC

Updated: May 28, 2018

If you are looking for good schools, southern charm, and fun you will love this beautiful southern city! Here are our top five reasons you should call Summerville your home.

1. If you like good local beer Summerville has you covered. Oak Road Brewery and Homegrown Brewhouse, two great breweries located in downtown Summerville offer a relaxing place to enjoy a cold one.

2. The weather in Summerville is amazing! With an average temperature of 76.8 this city is almost perfect. Plus you are only a short drive from beaches. So come and enjoy the sun and surf!

3. Summerville is part of one of the best school districts in the state. Dorchester II Schools offer you the ability to raise your children in a county that puts education first.

4. Everyone is all smiles. Southern hospitality is important in Summerville. People will smile at you as you walk down the street, and don't be surprised if a stranger starts up a conversation with you. This city has a big heart.

5. Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Summerville and the surrounding area have become a hot area for business development. With companies like Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Boeing, and Google in the area employment is growing all the time. The US military also employees a number of residents.

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